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Top 5 Reasons Why Men Should Own A Mechanical or Automatic Watch

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So it's time to set it straight gentleman... we're not as classy, dapper, chivalrous and mechanically inclined as our grandfathers and dads were at their "prime". As someone working in the medical field and an entrepreneur, I converse with alot of elderly men telling me about the "good ol' days". At twenty-eight years old who's educated and brought up in the streets of Los Angeles I ask myself... do I have stories to one day tell a young lad "I remember the good ol' days." But, the truth of the matter is; I truly do have some fun, crazy and out of this world experiences that I can long and cherish forever. I can assertively say this because of one thing; I learned and kept the true-core values of the "old skool". I'm talking about true-gentleman old skool. I'm talking about working on vintage cars and carbureted motorcycles... it's walking and talking to women because I am confident type of old skool...I'm not just talking about texting, Facebooking and Instagramming a girl, I'm literally saying looking at their eyes and telling them "You're beautiful" type of old skool. I mention the term "old skool", because that's definitely what a mechanical watch is... it's "old skool", with a sophisticated and intricate value.

As I'm writing this blog: "Top 5 Reasons Why Men Should Own a Mechanical or Automatic Watch," I'm truly speaking from the bottom of my heart. I love vintage things and I love modern things. I love the digital age, but I truly love the nostalgic mechanical age. Reason no. 1 of owning a mechanical watch... You can appreciate and experience the historical moments of time and modern time by wearing a mechanical wristwatch. You can truly feel the moments that your grandfather and father felt, by having a "tool" and masculine accessory on your wrist. Mechanical watches may have different movements, but the mechanism and concept of modern and vintage watches are alike in dynamics. Reason number no. 2… is to be different. Different from the average guy that’s around you. Look everywhere fellas.. the person next to you is wearing a digital or quartz movement watch.. or better yet, no watch at all because we now have “cell phones”. Ask them the time and they’ll respond by reaching in their pocket, grabbing their cell phone and telling you “4:30”. A mechanical wristwatch defines character and it also represents genuine quality “taste”. You may ask the question “But why can’t I wear a battery operated watch?” And the answer is… because it’s simply like your battery operated phone, but only on your wrist. It doesn’t make you any different. A watch can tell you a lot about a person… Which leads me to Reason No. 3, a wristwatch on a guy can show to others how punctual you are. It automatically tells an individual; whether it’s a future date, an employer and even the cashier at the market that you’re a man who values his time. Reason no. 4 and again, these are all just my personal opinions, is that a mechanical wristwatch is an investment. Whether it’s a Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Rolex, IWC or even a Seiko you can always have the peace of mind that your timepiece has value. Material things depreciate in value… driving a brand new sportscar out of the dealer's parking lot would already drop the value of the car by a few thousand dollars. A friend of mine the other day sold his Rolex GMT that he bought in 2005 for $3,500 for $8,000. Talk about making easy money. I’ve also noticed that a hundred dollar Seiko Automatic Divewatch would escalate to almost $400-500 depending on the rarity and movement. If women have gold, silver and handbag accessories; a man can simply have a nice, luxurious mechanical watch to call his jewelry, tool and investment.

Lastly, reason no. 5… a mechanical wristwatch can be a long-term companion. Imagine a wristwatch with gears, springs and minute screws operating in a stainless steel, titanium, ceramic or gold housing on your wrist. It’s not only a piece of jewelry that looks amazing, but it’s also telling the time, the date and depending on the watch movement even the day. A mechanical wristwatch can always be fixed by a watch maker and depending on the brand of the watch, it has longevity. It can be with you during your travels, your wedding and even during the birth of your future child. It’s with you during your job interviews, while you’re at work and when you’re out drinking with your buddies. You’re creating precious moments with your wristwatch and the beauty about it is…you can pass it down to your children. Just like my father did when he handed me his first 1960’s Rolex 1601 DateJust. This article may not be important to all you folks and some of you may have already gotten turned off with my opinions, but for the other’s that understand me and the articulate nature of a mechanical and/or automatic wristwatch…Thank you and stay dapper- The Dapper Watcher from Dapper Watch Winders (www.dapperwatchwinders.com) "Watch Winders for your Fine Watches"

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