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Kevin Arnold Wears Vintage Diver's Watch in The Wonder Years

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Kevin Arnold Wears Vintage Diver's Watch in The Wonder Years

While finally relaxing after a long days work, I sit on the living room couch to watch a few episodes of The Wonder Years on Netflix. The Wonder Years is a TV Series aired for 6 seasons during the late 80's and early 90's. Its about a young man named Kevin Arnold who recollects his fond memories growing up in a small Suburban middle-class American town during the 1960's and 70's. Each episode brings us, the viewers, back into our own personal experiences with family, friendships, relationships, school and the personal encounters of something we call "life". By watching this series it truly does bring back "The Wonder Years".

Well... when finally watching Season 6 Episode 4 "Sex and Economics" (aired: Oct 14, 1992) Kevin Arnold is seen wearing his 1960's-1972 Diver's Watch with a handsome blue dial, black bezel and a black leather or rubber strap. It's really nice to see that the series would include movie props such as this wrist watch that match the time and setting (1972) that Kevin Arnold was in. When you get a chance to Netflix this episode keep your eye out and enjoy the show! 

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