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Can a Rolex Watch Get You a Girl Like Scarlett Johansson?

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Bill Murray wears Rolex to get Scarlett Johansson? 

So the title says it all.... Will a Rolex Datejust get you a girl like Scarlett Johansson. Well... Maybe? 

Just this past Christmas I was given a very thoughtful gift from a loved one. It was the movie Lost in Translation starring Bill Murray and Scarlott Johansson and is directed by one of Hollywood's best Sofia Coppola. The movie takes place in Japan where both Murray & Scarlett are both.... that's right "lost in translation" with the Japanese culture and language. What intrigued me the most, being The Dapper Watcher was Bill Murray's wristwatch in the movie. He sports a handsome Rolex Black-Dialed Datejust with a jubilee band. If you haven't seen the film it's a must! I mean, it is starring Scarlett Johansson! Be well and take care watch lovers & family! - The Dapper Watcher (Instagram : @dapper_watch_winders) (Twitter: @DapperWatchWnDrs) 

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